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Of the numerous crossbreed dogs in the world, the Shih Tzu Maltese mix is one of the most popular. Also called the Malshi, this small hybrid is known for being gentle, loyal, and alert. But aside from its well-rounded temperament, what else makes this adorable dog a favourite household pet?

#1 It is a wonderful companion

The Malshi is not only sweet but also friendly. This extrovert loves to be with people of any age group, making it a suitable pet for single people, first-time dog owners, families with children, and seniors. It has a fantastic reputation with kids and also does well with other dogs and pets, especially when socialised as a puppy.

For this hybrid, the most important thing is family. Nothing makes it happier than being with the people it adores. It shows its affection by cuddling with its owner and following them around like a shadow.

#2 It is highly adaptable

Another reason for the Malshi’s popularity is its ability to adjust easily to any environment. It can be energetic but it can also be reserved, depending on the home that it lives in. If you have a high-energy home, your Malshi will show its playful side. If you have a quiet home, your dog will be relaxed.

As long as it receives love and attention, this dog will thrive anywhere, may it be the city or countryside. Due to its small size, the Malshi makes an excellent apartment resident. However, its ideal home is a house with a small yard because it enjoys the outdoors and loves to play.

#3 It does not shed a lot

The Maltese Shi Tzu was originally bred to be low-shedding, so you can expect it to shed very little, if at all. It has no undercoat, so it is not subject to seasonal shedding like double-coated dogs. Instead, this crossbreed tends to shed gradually and minimally year-round, making the shedding barely noticeable. This makes it an ideal pet for those who want to avoid removing fur all over their furniture regularly. Furthermore, this dog’s coat is hypoallergenic, so it is a wonderful choice for people who suffer from allergies.

#4 It is easy to train

Training a Malshi is important since it is an outgoing crossbreed. Luckily, it is bright and eager to learn, making it a pleasure to train especially for first-time dog owners. A great way to train this dog is by making a game out of your sessions. This is because this crossbreed thrives with mental stimulation. Also, use positive reinforcement techniques, such as praises and treats, when training your pooch. Just be careful not to over-spoil it.

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