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Potty training a Maltese Shih Tzu can seem like a daunting task for any dog owner, but with patience and the right techniques it can be a fairly straightforward process. Malshis can be difficult to potty train, especially due to their smaller stomachs and bladders. It is important to be consistent, patient, and positive when potty training a Malshi. 

1. Establish a Routine: The key to successful potty training is establishing a routine. Your Malshi should have regular times for eating, playing, and going outside to do their business. This will help them learn when it’s time to go outside and they’ll be less likely to have accidents in the house. You may want to take them out every hour or two during the day and after meals or naps. 

2. Choose an Outdoor Potty Spot: It’s important that you pick one spot in the yard for your Malshi to use as their outdoor potty spot and make sure they know it’s where they should go every single time they need to go. Give them lots of praise each time they use that spot correctly.

3. Use Positive Reinforcement: Positive reinforcement is key when potty training your Malshi puppy! Whenever your pup does their business in the correct spot outdoors, give them lots of praise and treats so that they understand that this behaviour is desirable. 

4. Monitor Your Dog Closely: Make sure you are monitoring your Malshi puppy closely at all times while they are indoors so you can catch them before they have an accident inside the house. If you catch them mid-accident, clap loudly or say “No!” firmly so they know their behaviour is unacceptable, and then quickly pick them up and take them outside before they finish their business on the floor indoors. 

5. Clean Up Accidents Immediately: If your dog has an accident inside, it is important that you clean up immediately as Malshis often return to spots where they previously relieved themselves. Be sure to use an enzymatic cleaner designed specifically for pet messes as these are designed to break down urine odours.

6. Be Patient: Potty training takes patience! Every Malshi learns differently so don’t get frustrated if your Malshi puppy isn’t learning as quickly as you would like – stay positive and consistent with your routine until they understand what is expected of them! 

Following these tips will help ensure a successful potty training experience with your Malshi puppy! Remember, consistency is key – don’t give up even if progress seems slow at first.

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